Fossick for olivine crystals spat from the mouth of a volcano ten thousand years ago
Mortlake is rich in geological history just waiting to be uncovered

How to get to Mortlake


Sitting at the bottom of one of Victoria’s most recently active volcanoes, Mortlake is rich in both natural and early settler history. The town is located 50km north of Warrnambool and 215km west of Melbourne on the Hamilton Highway.

Mount Shadwell, a few minutes north of Mortlake is an extinct volcano rich in olivine crystal, the birthstone of August. With permission, visitors of Mortlake can fossick for the crystal at the Mount Shadwell quarry or try their luck scavenging the surroundings for ‘volcanic bombs’, large egg shaped rocks containing olivine.

Mortlake has one of the regions most extensive Heritage Trails. The trail leads walkers around 20 of the predominately bluestone buildings dating back to 1857. The town is also full of restaurants and shops, so breaking up the trail with a snack and some retail therapy is a welcome option.

Mortlake has a number of hotels, motels, hostels and caravan parks scattered close to the centre of town.


Mortlake has a treasure trove of experiences.   Explore the charming country town and you're sure to be rewarded.

Antiques and Collectables

Take a walk down the main street and immerse yourself in the period bluestone buildings and shopfronts. Check out the Art Deco public swimming pool entrance (in summer take a dip!) or hunt for antiques and collectables to take home with you

Immerse yourself in a pie!

Home to the delectable Clarke's Pie, stop in to the bakery and find out why these are famed in the South West!

Local Produce

Pop into the town's butcher - famed for his deli meats and Christmas hams. They also stock a wide selection of regional produce