Coastal road from Melbourne

With the sound of the ringing tram bells in the distance, head south-west towards Geelong on the M1 and continue to Torquay on the B100 for a total of 1 hour 20 minutes and let your Great Ocean Road Journey begin. View more.

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Allow 5 hours driving time if taking the 296km coastal route and please make sure to factor in additional time for sightseeing, shopping and visiting the local Visitor Information Centre for an enhanced Great Ocean Road Experience.

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Local Directions

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Coastal Driving Times & Distances
  Melbourne Torquay Lorne Apollo Bay 12 Apostles Port Campbell Peterborough Warrnambool Port Fairy
Melbourne   1hr 30min 2h 30min 3h 15min 4h 15min 4h 30min 4h 40min 5h 30min 6h
Torquay 103 km   50min 1h 40min 3h 10min 3h 20min 3h 35min 4h 15min 4h 42min
Lorne 150 km 47 km   45min 2h 22min 2h 32min 2h 48min 3h 28min 3h 54min
Apollo Bay 195 km 90 km 47 km   1h 1h 30min 1h 45min 2h 25min 2h 50min
12 Apostles 280 km 180 km 134 km 85 km   10min 24min 1h 5min 1h 30min
Port Campbell 292 km 191 km 146 km 97 km 12 km   10min 55min 1h 20min
Peterborough 308 km 207 km 162 km 112 km 27 km 13 km   50min 1h 11min
Warrnambool 358 km 257 km 211 km 162 km 76 km 66 km 55 km   30min
Port Fairy 386 km 285 km 240 km 191 km 105 km 94 km 83 km 29 km  

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Coastal road from Melbourne

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