London Bridge

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Peterborough, Victoria View map

The lookout at London Bridge will be closed to visitors immediately in response to the pandemic novel Coronavirus COVID-19. There is currently a non-essential travel ban being enforced in Victoria to slow the spread of the virus. Please stay at home and stay safe wherever you are. View more.

About the listing

London Bridge has upper western and lower eastern viewing platforms to take in the sweeping vistas. Visitors were once able to walk (and at one stage drive) across the eastern span that once connected it to the mainland.

London Bridge is one of two points in the National Park where visitors can observe little penguins returning to shore (the other is from the main 12 Apostles viewing platform. The population of 80 – 100 birds at London Bridge is significantly smaller than at the 12 Apostles but the viewing platforms are closer to the birds.

London Bridge, pre 1990 was a double-spanning bridge connected to the mainland. The stack was created over hundreds of years, with the weaker layers toward the base being eroded away by wind and water to form the two bridges.

The span closer to the shoreline collapsed unexpectedly on 15 January 1990, leaving two visitors, whilst uninjured, stranded on the outer span before being rescued by helicopter. 

For many people, the publicity surrounding the collapse of London Bridge frames a point in time. Many visitors recount of a loved one that was there a day before or after the event.

The collapse was an incident that highlighted for the first time the distinct lack of permanence of the features that dominate this sculptured coast. And perhaps as a prelude to the stricter visitor management and protective infra-structure that is necessary for safe and ecologically sound experiences. 


  • Location: Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell (7 km west of Port Campbell)
  • Length: 150m return upper platform 300m return lower platform
  • Time: 35 minutes

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Access Information:

  • There is one marked accessible car parking space; the slope of the car park can make it difficult for wheelchairs
  • Good sealed pram and wheelchair access from the car park to the upper viewing platform 150m return
  • The 300m return path to the lower viewing platform is steep and uneven and is unsuitable for prams and wheelchairs and those with mobility impairment

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London Bridge

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Peterborough, Victoria View map

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