The Arch

The Arch, Port Campbell, VIC 3269, Australia View map

The lookout at The Arch will be closed to visitors immediately in response to the pandemic novel Coronavirus COVID-19. There is currently a non-essential travel ban being enforced in Victoria to slow the spread of the virus. Please stay at home and stay safe wherever you are. View more.

About the listing

This site is often spectacular in the afternoon when the formations to the east are bathed in a warm golden light. The walkway descending down to the platform offers an unusual perspective back towards the 12 Apostles. The more famous stacks can be viewed standing boldly against the cliff line they were carved from.

The Arch perches precariously mounted on a harder rock platform proud of the water in small to medium swell. In large swells its formation becomes more evident as waves mount the platform, thick heavy tomes gliding sleekly through the opening and cascading out the other side.

Location: Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell (6 km west of Port Campbell)

Length: 320m return from car park
Time: 20 minutes

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Access Information:

There are no designated accessible car parking spaces at the Arch
The car park at the Arch is unsuitable for caravans
The walking track to the viewing platform is sealed but the fairly steep gradient from the first viewing platform to the second makes it difficult for prams and wheelchairs


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The Arch

The Arch, Port Campbell, VIC 3269, Australia View map

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